Welcome to Moxie Blue Creative! My name is Tina (Faxon) Fagan and in 2019 I was fortunate enough to be able to "mostly" quit my day job (freelance & contract web design) which I've been doing professionally since 1997. The desire to work "hands on" and get dirty and colorful doing it had become too much to resist anymore so I took the leap (thanks to support from my amazing husband, Pudge and my friends and family)!

For those "experienced" enough to remember life before the Internet, you can imagine the daunting thought of being a full-time artist and actually making a living at it. I've always been an artist and spent many days at my Granny's kitchen table coloring, drawing and painting. She kept me fueled with supplies, guidance and chocolate chip cookies. I knew art would always be a part of my life - my avenue of true expression. 

I have an A.A.S. in graphic art and graphic design and I plan to continue incorporating those skills into my mixed media art. The possibilities are endless — which is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. 

In 2018 I started searching for what I wanted to do next. I have a load of hobbies like wood carving, amateur photography, crochet, quilting, etc, but nothing was clicking as far as which path or medium I wanted to pursue—that thing that made me want to jump out of bed each morning and hurry to work, then I found fluid art. Well, let's just say I found "home"... and not just because I've spent a load of money on supplies either... IT IS my happy place. 

I find inspiration everywhere in Wyoming. We live near Yellowstone National Park, the Beartooth Mountains & the Big Horn Mountains in the northwest corner of the state in a small farming community. I've been very blessed to have gotten some quality Hawaiian time and I only wish I could begin to convey the colors, textures and emotions of these islands in my art. I adore being in Hawaii with my lovely "Quad Squad", but I have found that I am one of those "pool by the ocean people". I love the beach, but actually being IN the ocean... not so much! It's far too bossy.

I now spend my days with my blue standard poodle, Zoey, and an occasional outdoor cat that's found it's way inside — doing a little web design, catching a little quality time with my besties and for as many hours as possible creating and learning three new-to-me mediums; acrylic pouring, resin & alcohol inks. Maybe by next year I will feel I have these mediums down enough to start teaching others about them. I love to share what I know and watch others bloom creatively, especially my talented grandkids.

Please browse my past art and art for sale. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me! Commissions are available!